Day 1: 85% organic

Today I went by my favorite shop, Minimani, to buy a bit of groceries. This is the first time were I’ve been in Minimani and have actually been looking for organic food, and I must admit that I was disapointed! The few organic products they sell are hidden away among all the other products – you really have to look for them to find them! No organic butter, a very limited sortiment of vegetables, and no organic meat what so ever. It is possible to find the bare necessities, but nothing more than that!

But – I managed to get the stuff I needed: Ridicoulus expensive youghurt, milk that costed double the price of normal milk (0,80 euro – 1,59 euro), onions costing 3 times as much as the normal ones! I will have to do a more systematic comparisment of the prices at some point – but in general everything was at least double the price of the non-organic alternative. I wonder if some of the other shops like CityMarket and Prisma are doing better?

85% of the groceries I bought today was organic. It is not 100% but I think it’s a pretty good start. I “sinned” by buying normal butter and yeast, but I simply couldn’t find any organic alternatives, and we can’t live without it! Maybe I could have done better, but all in all I feel pretty good about this…

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