Day 2: A nice surprise

So, today I decided to go to Citymarket to check out how they’re doing when it comes to organic products! We have two Citymarket’s in Vaasa, a big one a bit outside the city and a smaller one just in the center. I went to the big one, assuming that their sortiment was a bit bigger.

I was surprised to see that Citymarket have a rather big sortiment of organic products compared to Minimani. I found 29 different fresh vegetables and fruits, all very expensive, but they were there! All the organic products is marked with a green price-tag, so they’re very easy to find when you look down the rows in the shop. I found many different kinds of flours and cereals and several organic breads too. Organic milk, creme fraice, vegetables, snacks, legumes. They also have things like sugar, cacao-powder, coffee and stuff like that. I even found 2 different organic chocolate-bars!

4 organic meat-products, not butter and no yeast. Other than that, Citymarket have more or less all you need organic. There’s no a lot to choose between, but it’s there. I made a list over different Finnish companies that I discovered on my journey around the shop: Myllärin, Pirkka and Sunspelt, all compagnies with a rather big sortiment of organic products produced in Finland. Good to know that compagnies like that actually exists!

So – it seems like I have to start shopping in Citymarket instead…

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