Day 3: Comfort food

I’m a bit embarrassed about it, but the truth is that though I might be a chef in my professional life, most of my home cooking is – well – lets just say very simple. Most days where I’m alone and hungry I will cook the same dish: pasta with tomato pure and parmesan. I’m not sure if you can say that I actually COOK it, since it’s just a question about boiling some pasta and adding tomato pure and parmesan afterwards, not a very big gastronomic challenge.

I always have pasta, tomato pure and parmesan at home. It doesn’t really matter what kind of pasta, everything goes,but when it comes to the tomato pure there’s only ONE that works!

When I was a kid, my Dad and I had quite a few arguments about whether the dish served was pasta with tomato pure or tomato pure with pasta. I was pretty picky back then, but pasta with tomato pure was always a success! The tomato pure on our table was from Beauvais, my parents tried to introduce other (cheaper) brands, but none of them were accepted by me! Ketchup were put on the table too, but I never touched it.

When I moved to Finland I had some trouble finding tomato pure and if I hadn’t found Felix tomato pure, I would properly have moved back to Denmark. I LOVE Felix tomato pure and I can’t live without it.

Yesterday I ran out. And I can’t buy a new tube since it’s not organic!

After a hectic search in Minimani and Citymarket I found a tomato pure produced by Biona Organic (the ones with the sweetcorn). 3 times more expensive than Felix’s puree. In a glass jar instead of the tube I’ve gotten so used to. It felt wrong.

At home, when the pasta was boiled and the tomato puree added, I found that the only difference between Felix and Biona is that Biona’s might be a bit more liquid than Felix’s. The taste is nearly the same. I can do that. I will have to cut down on the amount I normally use for a bowl of pasta, since the price is so much higher, but I’ll survive.

I only have 100 grams of parmesan left. Soon I will have to find an organic alternative – I wonder if that is possible here in Vaasa?

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