Day 5: 100% organic

Today I actually managed to buy 100% organic, with help from Citymarket, Ekosoppi and a marketbooth from Solsidans Trädgård at the market square!

In Ekosoppi I found organic Cola from Whole Earth, it’s going to be interesting to see whether it falls in my husbands taste! They have quite a lot of different chocolates in Ekosoppi, and I just HAD to try some of them, being a bit of a chocolate-addict… I found organic yeast at last, so now I can actually bake organic bread! And I bought 4 sausages for 3, 50 euros, tasty but I can’t really get used to paying that much for meat! The most basic stuff like milk and youghurt I bought in Citymarket, and the vegetables at Solsidans booth.

So – 100% organic today! :-)

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