Made in EU – part I

Yesterday while researching for my next post, I stumbled upon one of those small things that have annoyed me for quite a while. Since I was already sitting in front of the computer with 100 tabs open on Firefox, I could as well start to do some research on the subject:


There’s nothing wrong with these sweetcorn! They’re in a nice can, produced by Biona organic, both Certified Organic by the Organic food federation, Debio and EU. They proberly taste good (I don’t fancy sweetcorn though). It only containes sweet corn, water and sea salt – talk about a clean product! A quick look at Biona’s website tells me that they believe in 100% traceability for all their products.

Why is it then that the only information I can find about where the product is made, is “Country of Origin: EU”? Since when did EU become a country?

Right now EU are working on a law about marking imported products with Country of Origin: “Goods should clearly state their country of origin, to help consumers to make informed choices” And that is good – of course ALL the products available on the market should be labeled with Country of Origin. Why? Because I want to know, I have a RIGHT to know, whether the grapes I’m eating has been grown in France or in Columbia, whether my childrens toys are produced in China or Bulgaria.

If EU wants me to be able to make an informed choice, why is it then that they introduce the “made in EU” label that includes 27 different countries?

After quite a lot of searching online I found this list over bar codes The bar code is to be found on all products, and it shows which country the product is “from”. That means that it teels you in which country the bar code was issued, NOT which country the product is actually produced in. My sweetcorns barcode starts with 50, which means it is from UK. I knew that more or less already, since Biona is a english company and the companies adress is on the can, but that doesn’t mean that the corn is actually grown in UK.

What to do? I went to their website and sent them a mail with the simple questions: “Where do you grow your corn? And why doesn’t it say so on the can”? I could assume that they were grown in UK, maybe they are, but why don’t they just write that on the f…… can?

Why do I even care? What does it matter where a product is produced?

Does it really matter to me?

To be continued…

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