Min mission

The purpose of this blog is for me to decide my opinion on several issues concering consumerism and enviromental problematics. I’m not an extremist or anything like that, I just want to DO things instead of just talking about it.

I have here listed the different issues I am going to research, discuss and take a decision about. There are more coming, these are just the one that popped up in my head right now:

  • Organic produced food

I KNOW that organic farming is the future. But why is that? What are the argument for and against?

  • Eating Animals

Should I become a vegetarian? What are the reasons to eat meat or to not eat meat? How is animals treated in Finland, Denmark, US?

  • Locally produced food

What is the benefits of buying locally produced food? Is it possible to live on a diet only consisting of organic food produced in the country I live in? Should I give up the daily banana from Brasil and eat Finnish apples instead? Do I care enough to do something about it?

  • Clothing

How are my clothes produced? Do I really care? Do I have any alternatives?

  • Fairtrade

What does it really mean that something is fairtrade? Is it at all beneficial? Why should I care?

  • Travel

Travelling by plane is from an enviromental viewpoint the worst way to travel. Should I change my habits and find an alternative next time I’m going abroad?

  • Beauty-products

So much information, what is true? Why is it so much more expensive? Do I want to spend the extra money?

  • Pets

Is it actually possible to have a cat without suporting consumerism?

  • Processed food and additives

Where is it? Why is it there? How to spot it. Do I care?

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