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Day 5: 100% organic

Today I actually managed to buy 100% organic, with help from Citymarket, Ekosoppi and a marketbooth from Solsidans Trädgård at the market square!

In Ekosoppi I found organic Cola from Whole Earth, it’s going to be interesting to see whether it falls in my husbands taste! They have quite a lot of different chocolates in Ekosoppi, and I just HAD to try some of them, being a bit of a chocolate-addict… I found organic yeast at last, so now I can actually bake organic bread! And I bought 4 sausages for 3, 50 euros, tasty but I can’t really get used to paying that much for meat! The most basic stuff like milk and youghurt I bought in Citymarket, and the vegetables at Solsidans booth.

So – 100% organic today! :-)

Day 4: Expensive meatballs

I love my husband very much, but sometimes he’s a pain in the ass! Today I asked him what he wanted to eat for dinner, and of course he wanted spaghetti with meatballs.

What’s wrong with spaghetti and meatballls? 1) I really really don’t feel like eating meat these days, I’m turning into a vegetarian, slowly but surely. 2) I haven’t found any organic meat yet other than a couple of sausages in Citymarket.

After a short walk around the city, I found this little amazing shop, Ekosoppi, which only sells organic products. The shop is not very big, but they have everything you need from shampoo to dog food, all organic.

Ekosoppi have a rather small amount of products from Ilmajoen Makkaramestarit ranging from minced beef to reindeer sirloin. I bought 300 grams of minced beef for 4,59 euro, I could get the same amount for 2 euros in Minimani. Back home in my kitchen, I found that the meat was a very high quality and it seemed to have a smaller fat-content than the minced meat I would normally buy. It was good meat. All in all I think it was worth the extra money.

If I had more money I would buy all my groceries at Ekosoppi, no doubt about that. Tomorrow I think I’ll have to go and check out more of their products!

Day 3: Comfort food

I’m a bit embarrassed about it, but the truth is that though I might be a chef in my professional life, most of my home cooking is – well – lets just say very simple. Most days where I’m alone and hungry I will cook the same dish: pasta with tomato pure and parmesan. I’m not sure if you can say that I actually COOK it, since it’s just a question about boiling some pasta and adding tomato pure and parmesan afterwards, not a very big gastronomic challenge.

I always have pasta, tomato pure and parmesan at home. It doesn’t really matter what kind of pasta, everything goes,but when it comes to the tomato pure there’s only ONE that works!

When I was a kid, my Dad and I had quite a few arguments about whether the dish served was pasta with tomato pure or tomato pure with pasta. I was pretty picky back then, but pasta with tomato pure was always a success! The tomato pure on our table was from Beauvais, my parents tried to introduce other (cheaper) brands, but none of them were accepted by me! Ketchup were put on the table too, but I never touched it.

When I moved to Finland I had some trouble finding tomato pure and if I hadn’t found Felix tomato pure, I would properly have moved back to Denmark. I LOVE Felix tomato pure and I can’t live without it.

Yesterday I ran out. And I can’t buy a new tube since it’s not organic!

After a hectic search in Minimani and Citymarket I found a tomato pure produced by Biona Organic (the ones with the sweetcorn). 3 times more expensive than Felix’s puree. In a glass jar instead of the tube I’ve gotten so used to. It felt wrong.

At home, when the pasta was boiled and the tomato puree added, I found that the only difference between Felix and Biona is that Biona’s might be a bit more liquid than Felix’s. The taste is nearly the same. I can do that. I will have to cut down on the amount I normally use for a bowl of pasta, since the price is so much higher, but I’ll survive.

I only have 100 grams of parmesan left. Soon I will have to find an organic alternative – I wonder if that is possible here in Vaasa?

Day 2: A nice surprise

So, today I decided to go to Citymarket to check out how they’re doing when it comes to organic products! We have two Citymarket’s in Vaasa, a big one a bit outside the city and a smaller one just in the center. I went to the big one, assuming that their sortiment was a bit bigger.

I was surprised to see that Citymarket have a rather big sortiment of organic products compared to Minimani. I found 29 different fresh vegetables and fruits, all very expensive, but they were there! All the organic products is marked with a green price-tag, so they’re very easy to find when you look down the rows in the shop. I found many different kinds of flours and cereals and several organic breads too. Organic milk, creme fraice, vegetables, snacks, legumes. They also have things like sugar, cacao-powder, coffee and stuff like that. I even found 2 different organic chocolate-bars!

4 organic meat-products, not butter and no yeast. Other than that, Citymarket have more or less all you need organic. There’s no a lot to choose between, but it’s there. I made a list over different Finnish companies that I discovered on my journey around the shop: Myllärin, Pirkka and Sunspelt, all compagnies with a rather big sortiment of organic products produced in Finland. Good to know that compagnies like that actually exists!

So – it seems like I have to start shopping in Citymarket instead…